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My Services

Individual Therapy

In my work, I draw from relational cultural, feminist, experiential, psychodynamic, and emotion-focused approaches. My work with clients is focused on deepening understanding of the self, understanding the impact of power and privilege on mental health, increasing comfort with emotion (and reducing defenses against feeling), and increasing capacity for self-compassion. See my specialties page for more information about the types of people and concerns I have particular interest and experience with.

Queer Group Therapy

As queer individuals, we’ve often had to navigate hetero- and cis-normative spaces. My queer process groups are a safe space for individuals who identity as LGBTQIA+, trans, questioning, or non-normative or queer in their relationship orientation, gender, sexuality, or sexual orientation. These long-term groups focus on intimacy and personal growth, and members work to deeply understand their relationship to themselves and others, while doing so in an affirming space.  Topics are not restricted to gender and sexuality, and group members will have the opportunity to explore and integrate all aspects of themselves. Over time, clients develop a sense of belonging; an understanding that they are not alone; and an increased comfort with thoughts, feelings, vulnerability, and authenticity. 

I currently have an opening in my ongoing and longstanding group: an in-person group on Monday evenings. For more information, contact me.

Letters for Gender Affirmative Surgeries

According to WPATH Standards of Care, many trans and non-binary folks must obtain letters from mental health professionals in order to undergo gender affirmative surgeries. I provide these letters to ongoing clients at no additional cost. For clients who simply need to obtain a letter, we will have a brief, 45-minute session, and I will provide the letter within a week of that session. I am committed to making this service accessible for clients, and will provide this service at no cost for those who need it. For clients who have insurance plans I’m in network with, we can bill insurance for this service. 

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