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While I am a generalist, meaning I work with adults on a wide variety of mental health concerns, I do specialize in a few areas. 

Inclusive therapy for the queer, trans, and gender expansive community:

As a member of the community, I am passionate about providing a safe space where LGBTQIA-identified clients can heal, explore, and grow. I work with clients to explore identity and all aspects of their lives in a knowledgeable and safe space. Some topics of therapy include: coming out to family; deciding to socially transition; exploring whether to undergo aspects of medical transition; exploring sexuality and sexual orientation for the first time; healing from discriminatory experiences and oppressive systems; and navigating relationships. I also work with queer and trans clients who come to therapy with concerns not closely related to their identity, but who want an affirming and safe space.  I also provide letters for gender-affirmative surgeries for clients who need them.

Family of Origin Concerns:

Many individuals have invalidating, emotionally neglectful, or traumatic childhood experiences. I work with clients to understand and deeply heal from these experiences. We work to untangle negative beliefs clients have about themselves, their worth, and their emotions in order to live fuller, more satisfying lives in adulthood. Many times, clients also need to relate to others differently in order to heal, and I work with clients to identify more helpful relational patterns.

White people on unlearning racism:

Most white people, including myself, have internalized the oppressive racist system of white supremacy and racial superiority, and, as such, we do harm (intentionally and unintentionally) to Black, Indigenous People of Color. In therapy, we work to bring awareness to and challenge our internalized oppressive thoughts and actions in order to do less harm to BIOPC. I expect there to be moments where we both step in the muck of our internalized oppressive beliefs, and I will help us both slow down and untangle this together. I work with white clients to help understand how individualism and white supremacy harm us as well. 

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